It’s funny, blending our little family and whatnot.

Jake and Ruby and I have been living under one roof for nearly three months.

Jake is actually allergic to dogs, believe it or not, but seems to have a special tolerance for this one wigglypup. (Aren’t we lucky??)

As you can imagine, that means NO RUBY IN THE BED! Nope. No sir eeeee bob.

But see. Here’s the thing. There is such thing as “the girl room” in our little home full of love. (There is also “the man room” which boasts football gear and whatnot.)

And sometimes… sometimes… I just have to scoot away with our little fur baby and give her some extra snuggles in a place that she and I used to share on the regular.

Not because we are trying to be sneaky. But because we both miss this extra special snuggle time, Ruby and I.

So every now and then… well… we just have to spoon.

It’s all about compromise. :)

Happy long weekend, lovies!


  1. haleystumble said: LINDSAY! we have the same chanelle quilt!!! ill have to take photos to show you!
  2. howtomakelovestay said: I love the dresser in the background, so cute! And so is Ruby!
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