Over the weekend, several amazing Tumblr ladies and I had multiple discussions about Tumblr avatars.  This was one of them.  (Poor Meg!)

It was also brought to my attention that my avatar doesn’t really look like me.  I mean, it does look like 2007-ish me, but correctly does not look like 2010 me.

So, I hope you’ll still recognize me as I come across your dashboards, lovelies.  Because this new avatar is here to stay for a while!


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  2. horseandbunny said: I love the new Avatar! I seems like a “new stage” of life for you as well, so good for you! :)
  3. michelleakin said: VERY cool
  4. pinotandthefigs said: And while I know this is not for me….I feel the love. I do.
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